Component that delay the current Flow

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Hi guys!

I just want to know if there is a component like transistor, etc that delay the flow of a current.

Reply is much appreciated!

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Good morning, moonstar.

There are several different ways to delay signal propagation. The appropriate one really depends upon the frequencies involved.

1) You can use the propagation time in a waveguide or transmission line. This is appropriate to radio frequencies.

2) You can use an electromechanical device called a spring line. The signal is converted to mechanical vibrations at one end of a long coil spring by a transducer and travels down the spring to be received after a time delay at the other end by a second transducer. this is appropriate to audio frequencies.

2) There are charge coupled devices (CCD) which pass the signal along a long chain of capacitors inside a chip to achieve a delay. These are particularly suited to digital signals.

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If your circuit is purely inductive than an inductor should delay the current by 90 degrees phase shift because inductors resist against changes in current by dropping a voltage in opposition. If your circuit isn't purely inductive ie resistors and caps, the phase shift gets more "complex" to calculate. I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for but I thought I would try.