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Hello everybody
could you also help me by specifying me whether the resistor for the RC filter circuit operating at 433MHz would be a chip resistor or it can be a normal one of 36Ohm.


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More information is needed. As far as I know, the only difference between resistors is the precision rating and the power rating.

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Actually Im working at a frequency range of 433MHz. Im designing a receiver section the RC filter is the first section of my design. I was confused in choosing the right components as I realise that Im working with RF signals. I'm clear about the capacitor being a chip component....but now Im in a doubt abt the resistor.
The transmitted power is around +13dBm. I have to simply receive this signal transmitted at 433MHz and process the further circuits. Does this help.please do ask if you still need any more information.


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You could probably use a thick-film SMD resistor with no compensation necessary for frequency. It's the multilayer capacitors that are problematic.

If you use ceramic disc capacitors, you generally don't run into those kinds of problems, as long as the lead lengths are kept to an absolute minimum. The higher you go in frequency, the more problematic parasitics become; lengths of PCB traces and component leads all add inductance. Parasitic capacitance to other components and the enclosure start to figure in heavily. Capacitive and inductive coupling between filter stages can be perplexing to optimize, even with the aid of test equipment that costs as much as a luxury automobile.