Component identification Varistor or MOV?

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Kirat Patani

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Hello Ladies/Gentlemen... I'm trying to bring my motor controller back to life... I do not have any schematics or component info for this board... I think I have found the problem and after doing some research I think the component is a blown Varistor or MOV? However some of the part# of the component seems to be missing... I'm hoping someone can shine some light on this for me... I have attached some pics to help...
20170626124338663.jpg IMG_3680.JPG IMG_3681.JPG IMG_3679.JPG



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MOV or NTC ( for inrush current limiting )
Where and how it is used is very much needed information.
A picture of the PCB area is needed.


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Is there some text on the other side of the component?
Was the part in series with motor or is it parallel on the powerlines?
If it was in series, it could be a NTC to reduce the inrush current.
If it was parallel with the powerlines, it is to protect the circuit for surges.



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Hey there :) It looks like this MOV is on the input circuit... The motor controller is rated for 220-230vac...
I am guessing you would need something in the 250/275 range, the thickness of the MOV is usually an indication of the energy it is capable of dissipating.
You should be able to find a suitable replacement here.
BTW if it is across the incoming power then the circuit should still work for testing.


Interesting puzzle. That company mark, the backwards 'R' and 'U' (that's what it looks like to me) is definitely used by Thinking Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd (but maybe others?) Looking through one of their MOV catalogs there is code information and size information that may be helpful (see for example the TVR20751). But, there are several possibilities and they make other components apart from MOVs (see website). That 5 digit code that is partially obliterated...i 20xx3/2, would, potentially, have been helpful.

You could probably write them and send them the pics with the measurements - they may surprise you.

Edited to add: Hmmm is that RU symbol a certification or a brand?
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Varistor or MOV

That is difficult to answer because MOV stands for Metal Oxide Varistor.
Just a note to let you know. The other guys have this under control.

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Kirat Patani

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Thank you all for the help guys :)... So it seems like it was a ICL (Inrush Current Limiter)... Replaced it with a part# B57364S0109M000 and everything seems to be working fine... Thought I'd leave this here for future info if someone might need it...


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can you provide the manufacturer of the Treadmill? This will be helpful. Most likely, I will be able to provide your with the correct MOV.