Complicated DC-DC converter board

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Hey ya'll, I'm kinda new to this but I have a little project that's been giving me a headache; and then I found this website. Here goes; I need a PCB design (as small and low in profile as possible) with two outputs simultaneously delivering 4V(1A) and the other 5V (6A) from one single input between 3.7V-11.1V (10A) which will be a Li-Ion battery pack. I also need a battery pack charger present on the board. One final feature is the capability of the board to also charge the battery pack while serving/maintaining load to the two outputs mentioned above, and at their respective currents. This is for powering two portable devices.
Can anyone help me? If there's someone or a place who'll design this for me at a charge, I'm also willing to pay a reasonable price for it. Thanks