complex waveforms

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Can somebody help please.

I am trying to construct a complex waveform this formula.


Now i have tried to do it by hand but my fundamental wave dont make 1 cycle in 8.3 ms the way it should do.I dont know if i have used the formula correctly to obtain each plot. I assume you get the sin of 240pit(t will be different for each ms) and then multiply it with 141.4.Please can somebody shed some light.:confused:


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Ron's picture says it all. If you want to do it yourself, any circuit simulation software is ideal. Matlab will also do. Do you have a copy?


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Here's a quick plot made with python/numpy/matplotlib:

Rich (BB code):
from __future__ import division
from pylab import *
N, t0 = 200, 0.05
t = arange(0, t0, t0/N)
V = 141.4*sin(240*pi*t) + 28.3*sin(720*pi*t) + 14.14*sin(1200*pi*t - 69*pi/180)
plot(t, V)
savefig("a.png", dpi=75)
If that's not what you're after, you'll need to learn to write your equations properly so that they're unambiguous.