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    Oct 19, 2010
    I am given the problem:


    In part (a), for the complex valued sequence, I have the following code:

    Code ( (Unknown Language)):
    1. n=5; star=-2*n:2*n;
    2. seq=(2*star)+i*(2*star+1)
    3. seq_conj=conj(seq)
    4. subplot(121),plot3(star,real(seq),imag(seq)),xlabel('*'),ylabel('seq
    5. [*]'),title('Sequence, n=5')
    6. subplot(122),plot3(star,real(seq_conj),imag(seq_conj)),xlabel('*'),ylabel('seq_conj
    7. [*]'),title('Conj. of Sequence, n=5')
    I know that a complex valued sequence has the form:
    x(n)=x1(n)+ix2(n) where x1(n)=g(2n) and x2(n)=g(2n+1)

    My question is, is my sequence a correctly written out complex valued sequence? And did I correctly obtain it's conjugate?
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