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  1. kunadude

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    May 28, 2009
    Scalar wireless power transmission is VERY real and very simple. I cannot believe some
    Of the reply posts on this topic. I don't instend to get in a pissing match here with the
    Brow beaters, sufice it to say, simply replicate konstantin Meyls tranciever!!! Don't take
    Their word as gospel. I reproduced this Extremely basic system in one afternoon. Simply
    Two aircore transformers simply terminated on two doorknobs from LOWE'S. Each is a
    Standalone sieries LC circuit, open ended termination. They're bases connected via a jumper
    Wire. More than 15 feet apart fed soley by my signal generator just to test.
    Input pwr was 10V @ 50ma. Output across 10 ohm load was 18V @ 46ma. Over 177 percent

    And breaks no - laws doing so. The scalar field conditions the space between and near the
    Reciever so as to cause random charges to be so ordered to also be coupled. Essentially
    An energy joule thief. Such circuits exploiting that idea have been around for eons..

    This is a simple lab project. One I wish I would have had in my electronics engineering
    Class as a lab. Would have put a whole new perspective on open systems back then.
    Surely some of you guys have built this simple lab? I don't mean to sound belittling to
    Anyone, but for those of the proper schooling. There's absolutely no excuse!!!! Its got
    To be one of the simplests labs I've ever done since leaving school many moons ago.

    I have re-examined some of Tesla's earlier comments about this Magnifying Transmitter.
    And am working on reconducting this experiment with multiple recievers that will be
    Coupled to the single transmitter. Based upon the physical property of the coupling action
    It is very different in one incredible way. This test will be to see if this assumption is indeed true
    That each reciever can receive up to the maxium of the transmitters power. Each one
    As an indepedent entity. And not a shared and distrubuted energy across all recievers up
    To the transmitters power as is the case with normal transverse em radiation.
    Essentially in ever respect a tuning-fork system. As is true in such systems, all resonate
    Members in close proximity to the original initating force. Ie the primary driven fork. All
    The others resonate with the same intensity. Not distributed equallying the transmitter.
    Its as each is separate with no loading effect back on the transmitter or tuning fork.
    Which means, a single transmitter say 1kilowatt. And 10 reciever's perfectly matched
    Will each osclillate @ 1kilowatt each. Not distributed. No laws have been broken due
    To the nature of the form of the energy. There are proffesors who can explain more
    In detail those specifics. in such a case, TESLA will have been proven exactly true
    When he suggests, that one can obtain all the power one wishes at any moment and
    Any place in the universe. It would only be a matter of having more recievers. As many
    As you needed for the power desired.
  2. beenthere

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    Apr 20, 2004
    The above ravings were tacked onto this thread -

    As ever, lots of testimonial, no hardware. And, of course, is over 100% efficient.

    We might wonder what the meaning of
    any part of that paragraph might be intended to mean.

    The only portion of the above quote that has been "true for eons" is that scammers have been dreaming up slick line to induce the credulous to part with some of their money.

    Ever see any of these marvels around? No? Could it be that the testimonial is shading the truth just a teeny bit?

    Right - and the doorknobs must be the ones that have just been discontinued. Do remember - it's just those doorknobs that make it work.

    Nope - it's this snippet of bafflegab that gives it away -
    That is utterly without meaningful content. You are either deluded into believing that that statement has real meaning, or you are simply making this crud up.

    There are sites where your silliness will be accepted as absolute (if unreproducible) truth. Why not post there?
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