Complete beginner- Remote control slow rotating device help

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Good morning folks

I have no experience, and thus, no knowledge of the terminology required to accurately discuss what I need help with, so please bare with me. Here goes...

At present, I make illuminated sculptures. I would like to make elements of these sculptures, slowly rotate, using a remote control. Something to bare in mind is that, at times, I may be limited on space to hide the mechanical components.

In layman's terms. please could someone advise the components I would require to buy, for me to be able to create this mechanical setup? Advise the best place for me to buy what I would require ( bare in mind I'm based in the Uk) and advise what instructions I require to wire up the mechanics?

To get a feel for the sculptures I would like to subtly, remote control, you can check out my existing, non mechanical pieces at I particularly want to rotate the heads of my sculptures.

Your help is very much appreciated. :)
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What weight of objects? Do you just want stop/start at a fixed rpm?
By 'Heads of sculptures' I assume you can insert something into the body of the sculpture?


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The mechanism used to adjust an automotive side mirror comes to mind. An ordinary 12V DC motor geared down (screw gear, I think) to give a nice slow movement of the mirror. I think I'd put the motor in the lower section of the statue and use a shaft up the neck to turn the head. Then all you'd need is a radio-control type controller to control the 12V motor, like a hobby or toy.