Compact Bluetooth transmitter system with 5 channels

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My knowledge of electronics is very limited and I'm looking for some advice on a project.

I am in need of a compact Bluetooth transmitter that will accept 5 channels of input from noise pulse signals (probably piezo resistive sensors) and transmit them to a Bluetooth capable device eg. smart phone.

I have looked into Arduino boards and searched generally for Bluetooth transmitters. I'm not clear from the descriptions of the Arduino boards whether I can simply plug in different source signals and have it decoded by a receiving device or whether multiple boards are needed to arrange/decode the information.

If anyone knows of a straight forward and compact way of transmitting up to 5 channels of data via Bluetooth I would very much appreciate the advice.



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Now break it down into blocks and do block diagram.

The easiest way to do it is to use 5 receivers to receive data from the sensors. Use 1 transmitter to send info to the phone. And control receivers and the transmitter with uC.