communication reciever in 1090 Mhz frequency

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hi everyone,
I am a students persuing ME-Communication Engineering,..i m doing my academic project in designing a reciever..
I am Stuck with the problem in completing this as soon as possible...

The reciever works at 1090 MHz frequency,,for this what should be the design calculations.

And does anyone know about the ADS-B,Mode-s reply fromats in detail?

if you got stuff plzz mail to <snip>

Please help me...
thank you
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Designing a receiver will take quite some time. You can start with a block diagram.

You begin with an antenna of course which then leads to a band-pass filter. This filter will cutt off any signal below or above your signal but only accept the necessary bandwidth of your signal. After that this will lead to a RF amplifier and then to a demodulator. The demodulator will take the modulation you wish (may it be FM, AM, SSB, or anything else). It also incorporates the oscillator that is tuned at your recieving signal. Then that goes to an audio amplifier and there you go! That is a simple block diagram, and you will probably need a VFO (variable frequency oscillator) if you want to adjust the frequency of your recieving signal. I recommend that you post on for radio information, because these guys are very technical at RF stuff.