Communicating with a mobile phone via IrDA

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    Oct 12, 2009
    Hi everyone..
    I'm new to All about circuits..

    A part of my final year project is to create a communication channel between a mobile phone and an embedded system using IrDA.
    A J2ME application running on the mobile(Nokia N73) will send some data using its IR port and the microcontroller should be able to read it using the IR transceiver circuit. J2ME application is functioning properly and the IR port is active,(IR indicator is active) so I can assume that there is no problem at the mobile end.

    The circuit I assembled to receive IrDA is attached below. It uses TFDU4300 as the IrDA transceiver and the MCP2155 as the Encoder/Decoder. According to the data sheet of MCP2155, the CTS signal will go high once the IC is working. And the DSR will indicate a working IR link. (Operation section of the datasheet, page 18)

    RS232 Tx and Rx is connected to a PC serial port via MAX232 converter and hyper terminal is running on the PC.
    When I power up the circuit and align the IR port of the mobile to TFDU4300, there was no response at the terminal. Then I connected 2 LEDs to CTS and DSR and found out that they are always on. Even when I disconnect the TFDU4300 or the crystal, those two signals are high :O. Is there something wrong with the IC? Is there any way to check whether the transceiver is working properly? I have no clue what has gone wrong here.

    Data sheets of TFDU4300 and MCP2155 is attached.
    Please help me if you can spend few minutes of your valuable time.. [​IMG]
    Thanks in advance...