Combining solar cell power and a low voltage supply... does it work ?

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your probably goning to look at this and then dismiss it, without noticing the real importance. . .
im studying GCSE double award engineering, and as i am only at GCSE standard, compared to 99% of the readers on here im a total newbie-but ive been scowering the internet for help, and came across this website, which people seem to know what theyre talking about...
my project is to come up with a fully working design idea for a mechanincal buggy that uses PIC technology, and i was woundering if a 6v power supply, combined with some form of solar cell power supply would work? as i dont actually have to make the buggy, i just need the paper designs and that- i have it in my portfolio as an initial idea, but would it be worth persuing as a full idea? as i know that solar cells would boost the effiency of the buggy, i just lack the knowledge of doing so!
my idea is a spherical buggy, using no wheels, just a rotational moulded sperical shell. inside the shell a circut using a PIC 24x chip, and 8-figure light display, a loudspeaker, and somehow solar cells. (obviously facing outwards to get light) but to move the buggy my idea is to use some sort of solenoid/s to push a weighted lever, which will act like a pendulum would in a clock- which oud definately get the bal rolling... haha :)
but yeah, has anyone got any ideas about this ? or am i just wasting my time, aswell as my GCSE's? .... please write back as soon as possible... as im tearing my hair out!!!
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