Combinatorial Circuit. Basic logical operations.

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    Mar 16, 2008
    The problem:

    Design a combinational circuit with two 1-bit input x and y, and a fittng number of "control inputs"(?) S0, S1, S2, ... Sn, so that the circuit can do all the basic logical operations on the inputs x and y.

    The circuit needs a output z that gives the results of the operation z = fk (x,y), where fk is a logical operation given by the "control variables" S0, S1, S2, ... Sn.

    The logical operations that should be implemented are listed here:
    "Binary Functions of Two Variables"

    Create truth tables and logical diagrams. Use as few gates as possible.

    My problem:

    I've created the 16 truth tables, and I then tried to create the circuit in some program called "digital works 3.04", but it got incredibly messy. How should I do this? I'm very new to all this :confused: I tried with 4 "control inputs".

    All help is much appreciated.