Color LCD Concept Help

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I know how to controll a regular parallel port LCD, but I have no idea how do you control advance LCDs (example here ) like you see in cell phones, PDAs, etc. However I have no idea how you would you control it using a standard microcontroller or processor. Can anyone explain the concept behind controlling these types of lcds?


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Looks like a SPI bus interface from all the links off Sparkfun. Lots of sample code too. Just connecting to a LCD usually ain't the trick. Getting your information formatted for the display is the real trick.

I'm using a display from Microelectronika now and I would be lost without the tons of free software I can download off Microchip. They have some excellent graphic libraries that work with touchscreens, let you draw buttons, list boxes, bitmaps and more that generate messages you can trap and use to control your application.

The only thing is you really want to use one of the devices they support. This one doesn't look that off the wall so they might have something compatible, but best to ask on the Microchip forums for assistance there.

(Note while my device is supported, there was a bug in the driver code that took me near a week to find.)