Collision avoidance outdoors

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    Feb 18, 2010
    I'm working on a robot for outdoor usage. Now I'm reaching the stage were I am supposed to choose some range sensor(s) for collision avoidance and would like some input from a third part (you guys). The robot should be able to work in all kinds of weathers , except snow or perhaps extreme rain.

    The sensors I am considering so far is:

    1. Laser scanner using triangulation, similar to the one used by the neato robotics vacuum-cleaner

    2. Ultrasound with Time Of Filght measurement and signal processing to filter unwanted noise.

    3. Millimeter wave radar. Seems incredibly robust, but I can't find any price. Will not try to build one myself.

    4. Structured light. Seems interesting.

    Vision sensors of any kind will not work I think, since the robot have to able to work nighttime aswell as daytime.

    Laser scanners with Time Of Flight measurement is to expensive.

    The budget I have is approx. 100 dollars.

    Any of you guys have experience of using any of these sensors outdoors?
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