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    Hi im doing a gcse in electronics and have been given the following question, so far ive answered section (A). i just would like to check if i have got the right answer. i worked it out by looking along the botom of the graph for 12v the went up the graph till i hit the -20ua line and went acros and got ic as 1.2 uA then timesed this by 5000 and got 6 volts. does this sound any where near. many thaks . edd

    10) Refer to the graph below and determine :

    (A)the correct collector voltage when the supply is 12v , the collector load is 5 k ohms and IB is 20 uA. Assume no signal input.
    (B) The peak-to-peak voltage of the output signal when the inout signal is 20uA peak-to-peak.
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