Coldest Morning In South Florida In 2011


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u people do all sort of naked stuff...what wrong with u?

the lowest I have experienced was 15 I think at India but being lower in a fridge at a factory...bBrrrrrrr


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Coldest I've ever been is -28 C at over 3000 meters in the French Alps. There was a bit of a blizzard going on so I was glad to have plenty of layers and no exposed skin.


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u people do all sort of naked stuff...what wrong with u?
Come on R!f@@. Do not tell me that you never have done something like a Elvis impersonation in front of mirror, in the nude .Then you was sure no one would disturb or see you :D


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I have but not in public...there is a horny devil in every one.
But definitely not Elvis. Arnold may be.


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I know Nerdegutta love to do nude roller coasting in his leisure time. So then I think of Nerdegutta. This picture always pop up. Nerdegutta is the skinny person in front to the right. Almost squeezed out of his cart by the fat person:p
... and with this picture, we all know who the "fat person" is ...


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@ maxPower97,Look at my picture real good,you don,t see the light
hair and the blue eyes. I am from the south,I have stated that many
times. I am totally different when I am active,I can go from -100 to
+10,000 in seconds.
Actually from your atlantic pic you look irish. :) But its hard to tell from that pic. I have a wierd accent. Its pretty much normal american then the more beers I have it morphs into a Georgia / Louisiana then the more drink a lil Tennessee comes out. So by the end of the night everyone thinks I'm not from here.