Coldest Morning In South Florida In 2011


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Raining sideways today. We're expecting a lot of wind, and some places people are told to stay inside.

Lost power at home on Sunday. A tree broke in the wind and fell over the powerlines. So my neighborhood was left in complete darkness. The power was out for more than 4 hrs.

The temp is around 6-12°C.

This time last year, we had snow!


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Winter is delayed once again here. I haven't seen temperatures lower than 9 degrees here in Athens and 3 degrees in my mountain village at 800m altitude. March will be freezing once again.


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It's 30 here (Farenheit), -1 C, supposed to snow on Saturday

Is Florida Panicking because some city in the panhandle had a temperature starting with "4"?


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it was rather unremarkable today. yesterday (or the day before?) it was down into the upper 30's (F), but today it was in the 70s.


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If it ever snows in Houston I'm immigrating south.
come on down. you can sleep on my couch. :)

Here are the snow numbers for houston. "officially" we've had 9.7" in the past 40 years; don't know if that's discouraging for you or not.

in 2009 there was enough snow to cover my car and I was able to make some real snowballs with it. Prior to that, I don't recall ever seeng snow in houston. the website says it snowed in '08 but not on my side of town; I don't know what they're talking about.

EDIT: DOH! - I thought you said "If it Never snows in Houston I'm immigrating south", meaning moving to Houston. Funny how I can mis-hear people when they type.


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No, I glance at a page and assimulate it in one gulp. That and I have land in Florida, or is that Texas I could sell ya.

Tell the voice to speak up, you can't hear him.

Weather here is very close to yours, though it is starting to mist a bit. We are still recovering from a drought, so it is welcome.


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I hear the voices of the person who has written the post. Here's a list of some of them....

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loosewire - Plain american, just a bit confused...
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