Coaxial video to Composite Output

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Do you know of a good/relatively cheap ic that can covert normal analogue video from my coaxial cable into composite video and audio?

Appreciate all hep.

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Right, as much info as possible.

The application is to aid my brother in his living room setup (TV/receiver/speakers). He wishes to use a receiver to control sound in the room, however the receiver does not have a coaxial input for normal cableTV. His current solution is to go into the TV with the coaxial cable and then use the audio out to receiver. However it seems that the audio output is controlled by the volume control of the TV (even mute). He then needs the speakers on the TV on if we wants to run his towers, etc through the receiver.

I'd like to make a circuit to take this coaxial cableTV and get composite (component if possible?) plus stereo out.

Is this possible? Is there a common IC out there that can accomplish this?



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you can get a $5 converter/adapter and coax-y. And just use the audio outs.


A coax -y-splitter..
1 end to the tv
1 end to the adapter
audio Left and Right from the adapter to the amplifier/reciever
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