CMUcam2 Programming

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    Nov 20, 2008
    Hello, this is my first post here. i think im in the right forum to ask.

    well, currently im doing a project which is using this kind of hardware (CMUcam2)

    i do know some of the basic for programming ( C , ASM ) ..

    i'll be implementing this with a microcontroller :

    MC9S12DG128B with IDE ( CodeWarrior )

    i just dont know how to start the programming for CMUcam2 to work..

    (to transmit data to the camera module and to receive data to be saved in microcontroller)

    does anybody have an experience on how to let it work?

    what i need to do is:

    Moving CAR (CMUcam2 will be attach to RC servo motor)

    this vision sensor will sense just black color and the car will follow the black line ( track ) . basically it will control the movement (right or left) for the RC servo motor..

    i can do the rest ( DC motor to let the CAR to move forward and reverse ) .

    hopefully somebody can help me..

    thanks in advance ;)
    p/s: sorry for the bad english :D
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