Cmoy with LED audio level

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    Sep 25, 2012
    Hi All,

    Inspired by the Crystal Cmoy project, I am building my first desktop amp. My design and layout is the same but I will be introducing the ALPS dual log pot as seen in many Cmoy design (so that I can control the volume).

    As everything is sealed in clear resin, I would also like to include a stereo VU/Audio level meter. The only concern I have is with volume. Most audio levels use a trimming pot to get the desired levels based on the audio input. My audio input will (by it's very nature) vary.

    So the question is - can I build an auto/averaging audio level. I am not going to be changing volume very often, but need the circuit to be flexible and change on an averaging basis to ensure correct LED display - too few LEDs vs. all lit up, is not desirable.

    I saw this circuit - it does not appear to use a trimming pot?