cmos inverter

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Hi, In general cmos inverter pmos is pull up and nmos is pull down transistors..
If we reverse the transistors what is the scenario we can observe.. Is it workis as buffer ?? How to analyze it behaviour ?? Y cant we use this circuit as buffer instead using 2 transistors.. Wt output we can get using LTspice??


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Well, analyze the circuit. It's just two transistors and only one of them is on at a time.

To help make the issue more apparent, connect the output to the junction point of two resistors, say 10kΩ each, that are connected in series between the supply rails. Let's say that you are using 5V rails and that the NFET and PFET transistors have threshold voltages of 2V. What is the highest voltage your buffer will output? What is the lowest voltage? What is the issue?