CMOS Full adder calculation propagation delay

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    Apr 28, 2011
    Design A Full-Adder using:
    a) CMOS AOI Logic
    b) Transmission Gates
    c) Dynamic Logic
    Choose an appropriate value for the load capacitor say 0.2pF.​
    • ​
    Calculate (analytically) the TPHL and TPLH for part "a"
    • Calculate (analytically) the VOL, VOH, VIL, VIH, NML and NML for case "a"​


    State assumptions:

    Parameters for spice simulation
    .model MbreakND NMOS
    + Level=1 Gamma= 0 Xj=0
    + Tox=1200n Phi=.6 Rs=0 Kp=111u Vto=2.0 Lambda=0.01
    + Rd=0 Cbd=2.0p Cbs=2.0p Pb=.8 Cgso=0.1p
    + Cgdo=0.1p Is=16.64p N=1 W=60u L=10u

    .model MbreakPD PMOS
    + Level=1 Gamma= 0 Xj=0
    + Tox=1200n Phi=.6 Rs=0 Kp=55u Vto=-1.5 Lambda=0.04
    + Rd=0 Cbd=4.0p Cbs=4.0p Pb=.8 Cgso=0.2p
    + Cgdo=0.2p Is=16.64p N=1 W=30u L=10u

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