CMOS blew

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No kiddin!

I was going thru my junk and I happen to find an LCD with a couple of 7 seg digits. it has 74HC's all thru out. I just thought I could use the LCD in a project with numeric digits.

As I happen to have a 12V battery near by, I just jumped the supply cap...with some wires which also was near by..:cool:

The LCD lit to my surprise with 8's or 0's :D , I'm not sure and then bang ! :eek:. A shrapnel hit my I searched and found it to 74HC393.

I had been coned..I always thought the HC series can handle more than 12V


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Ah... the golden rule in electronics. NEVER EVER assume. The moment you assume. The probability of being wrong is 99.99%


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I have had finger brands of parts manufacturers in mirror image, thought fortunately they healed over time. I have also destroyed protoboards (multiple), with great big melted spots where the parts used to be. I have turned capacitors into foil popcorn. I have left craters in chips where silicon used to be.

In other words, this is normal.


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Congratulations R!f@@. You are now the 10th member of the prestigious group who have posted 5K or more and fewer than 10K posts.