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    When someone asks a question it is always very important that people provide enough information so their questions can be answered. A schematic, test results so far, full description of the problem are just a few examples of items that should be included when posting a question.

    But details are important when answering a question too. When someone asks a question they probably don't know the answer. Details are not usually needed. Now I am not talking about the types of questions that say "I need to build a navigation control system for a commercial aircraft how do I do it". No maybe more basic questions like "How does this work"?

    Now all the details don't need to take place in that one post but enough information should be provided to get the OP started. Also links to more detailed information are just fine too.

    Cryptic one or two line answers many times are not enough and just a source of frustration.

    I would say the vast majority of those that help here are extremely helpful. Sometimes providing more information then is needed but there are one or two users that try to help but really just add to the confusion with these short cryptic answers.

    So please if you ask a question then provide details. If you take the time to answer a question then please take the time to provide details.
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