Class D Audio Amplifier Output Rating

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I'm new to this Class D audio design thing.

The power amp board states that the each output channel is a 200W rating. Can i use it to power up a 75W 4 ohm tweeter or a 125W 4ohm Mid Range speaker?

And if i want to power up a 300W 4ohm subwoofer, can i parellal two 200W output channel to the subwoofer? Will the performance of the audio be affected?

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You can use it to power any speaker up to 200W.

No, you can't parallel amps to increase the power. It could fry the amps.

If you invert the input signal to one of the amps by 180 degrees (such as with an op amp inverter) than you conceivable could use them in a bridge configuration (one amp connected to one speaker terminal and the other amp connected to the other speaker terminal) to increase the power to 400W.