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Hi Guys
I am having a problem with my clap switch. I build a clap switch that operates on a single clap and it works perfectly but I want to change it to a double clap on and double clap off and I am having a problem doing that. I want to connected a 7476A IC (dual J-K flip flops with preset and clear function) into my circuit as a 2-bit binary counter but I am just not sure how and where to connect it into my circuit, and I will also need a automatic reset circuit to reset the 2 J-K flip flops after the second clap but I don't know how to build this reset circuit either. Can anyone help me please?
Would be much appreciated. :)


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Interesting problem -- and without a processor, too.

I recommend you start with a timing diagram that lays out how this thing works. So, I'd suggest adding a clock chip that drives a state machine, which could be some shift registers.

This is obviously a lot more complicated than a "single clap" switch that just needs to detect one sonic threshold.


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I came out with a simple 2 stage JK FF that counts the claps and drive the lamp after 2 claps. The problem is that when the power is up, the 2 FF are in undetermined states and 2nd problem is I am not sure the inverter can be replaced with a transistor or not. I havent make this circuit so if you want, you may use it as a reference.:D