CL6 fixed constant current LED driver in parallel

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I want to build a circuit to drive 40 blue LEDs L1SP-RYL0003500000 (Vf=3.05V, If=200ma) with short 10-100ms pulses.

I have a switching power supply 12 - 24V (2V steps), 5A max current.

I’m planning to use Arduino with TIP 120 ( just have this circuit on hands) to supply voltage from the power supply to 5 parallel strings of 8 LED s.

I’m considering using CL6 fixed constant current drivers to control current in each of 5 strings.

Cl6 provides 100 ma current. I want to connect 2 in parallel to get 200ma. I don’t see why they can’t be run in parallel but for some reason parallel operations are not mentioned in the data sheet.
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