CKT power with wind generator

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I am building this circuit that is powered by a small generator (a small electric motor that works with about 24 volts). As you probably know, when the shaft of the motor is turned in reverse, it generates electricity. So, to begin with, I will power a few LEDs (later a ckt with chips for a battery charger, or something else). For that, I am planning to use something to regulate the voltage to the ckt, a ZENER diode, a 3.3 volt would do. Now, the generator will give up to (I think) 6 – 7 volts, depending on the force of the wind to the propeller (and I tried it too, it gives 2-7 volts depending of wind speed). So I take the worse case to calc. a resistor for the LEDs, (7-2.2)/20mma.
I wonder how much current can this generator provide, what would that depend on, what is the theory behind??
Does it have to do with the winding of the motor, motor resistance, ????
What else can I use as a voltage regulator ??