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My Dear Friends,
Its a simple circuit (but its beyond my head!!! hehe!)
Please see the diagram:

Here through AB supply is given. C is a capacitor for charging and then discharging at the load end.
e-S/W is an electronic switch (I need the circuit for this switch) which when pressed, discharge the energy from the capacitor (just like a triggering action), but the electronic switch MUST NOT consume any power from the circuit, so that the amount of chraged energy equals the amount of discharging energy!

Requirement: (for this whole circuit)
1) about 10-20J energy;
2) Voltage ~ 200V;
3) Current ~ 5A.
I need to know the exact amount of energy charged to the capacitor and the exact amount of energy discharged at the load end.
I need your HELP, friends ! Can you suggest any electronic switch circuit for the above?

If u need any data may post here OR pm me.


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Disappointment is a fact of life. Everything consumes power. However, a nice big Hexfet like an IRF520 is cheap and will handle the voltage and current requirement. It will need a heat sink for any duty cycle above a few percent. Just put 10 volts on the gate to turn it on (be a good idea to get the spec sheet).