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Can someone please help!
What is the proper placement of an ammeter in a circut??
is the answer in parallel with a resistor??


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A Few Concepts To Begin With:

1)the Current Through Two (or More) Devices connected In Series Is The Same.
You Want To Measure Current...right?
Hence, Put The Ammeter In Series With The Device.

2)the Voltage Across Two (or More) Devices connected In Parallel Is The Same.
To Measure Voltage Across A Component,connect A Voltmeter In Parallel With It.

A Small Note:voltmeters And Ammeters Have Their Own Resistances.
Hence The Values Measured By Them Are A Little Inaccurate.this Point Can Be Discussed Further,if You Wish.

I Will Suggest A Few Really Good References For You:

1) Fundamentals Of Physics-resnick,halliday & Walker.
2)concepts Of Physics-h.c. Verma (this Is An Excellent Book By An Indian Author,a Professor From The World Famous Indian Institutes Of Technology)

Good Bye And Good Luck.
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