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Hi everyone!Can anyone help me with this problem?
2 series and 1 parallel circuit and each circuit must contain at least 3 components.different circuit 4 different purposes such as lighting heating etc.
Can any one submit a schematic circuit diagram for me or tell me more about that Thanks ;) :)

rehan shah

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:) hello junior member you question is very simple its not neccessary that you folow 2 series and one parralel circuit you can add capicitor in series with the resistor and also in parrale with thata as well the circuit will heat up and when you will give high voltage and when the voltage will high then the resistance the circuit will heat up.and you can also make a circuit dia on bread board and with the help of conecting wires you can conect the bulb with that according to ur requirment means that if you have 220 volts and want to glow your bulb on 100v.then adjust your resistors.
i hope that u will understand:)