Circuit with diodes, registors and dc supply

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Question 1)

Can you solve a circuit using loop equations or superposition when you have diodes, dc supply voltages and registors, and they all constitute 3 different loops? The input voltage is ac and that range from -100v to +100 v.

Question 2)

How would you solve it with voltage transfer curve with input voltage vs output voltage? Conditions: you have one zener diode (Vz = 5-v) in parallel with a silicon diode (0.7-v) and a capacitor? The supply voltage is ac and you measure output voltage the capacitor.

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generally superpostion cannot be used when you hav a diode in a circuit.. as it is a non linear device... however a linear approximation of the same can be made and the diode can be replace with its linear approximation (generally a resistor havin forward reistance Rf and back resistance infinite) dependin on whether its conducting or non conducting... if you can post the circuit diag after drawin it in paint of something it would be easier for us to help.