Circuit with coil+resistor

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    May 2, 2010
    Hello, i feel stuck with my laboratory work in electrotechnics, hope you will help me.

    So, imagine there is a AC circuit with a coil and a resistor included. My goal is to draw a vector diagramm how big will be the angle between normal voltage (where only active resistance included) and summary voltage (sum of vectors). And here is the question: if I make active resistance larger, then the angle between "normal" voltage and resulting vectors voltage will get smaller right?
    In my opinion angle will get smaller because I increase voltage in resistor and so this vector will get bigger, while voltage in coil won`t change, so this vector keeps its value. (actually it will change because of current but we can kick it out because it is the same in both and doesnt affect graph)
    Actually I must draw a graph which shows how angle is changing because of active resistance, but i suppose it isn`t changing my question.

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