Circuit to drive motor.

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But not as simple as that, I was using a worm type drive on a motor I was then going have 2 simple buttons 1 to make motor turn to push out a lipstick head.

(If i see this device appear on market, i know someone here stole the idea :) )

Anyway the motor pushes up the lipstick then when done you press the button to bring the lipstick down again, this will sell in the millions every lipstick manufacturer will want it, it means only 1 hand instead of 2. but the problem is what would you use to detect the motor's at the top and can't push the lipstick out (same as the circuit on a CD/DVD/Blueray/hddbvd etc drive...) not sure how to monitor for that the rest would be a design issue getting the batteries in (probably a couple of button cells) which could also be a problem running not enough amperage/current from button cells or would there be?.. a little 1.5v motor. 3v input from 2 cells?.