Circuit to control camera

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    Jan 28, 2009

    I imagine that this will be probably easy for someone how knows what they are doing. Basically i want to make a circuit that will control a camcorder, somewhat like a videobooth.

    A person would walk up and push a button, the bottom would activate a solenoid (pressing the record button on the camcorder), and a light would go on (letting the person know that its recording). 30s (or some other adjustable time) later the light would go off and the solenoid would activate again turning the camera off.

    I know that i would have to use a low voltage circuit, 24v or 12v, wiring the switch, solenoid would be pretty easy. the light would have to be an led at that voltage? its the timer that i am having trouble figureing out.

    Other nice feature is that if the person activates the camera and wants to stop it they can press the button and the circuit will do what it would have done after 30s, is something like this possible?