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    Oct 4, 2011
    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some resources on circuit products. I'm looking to design and make a circuit board, I know where to go as far as building it, I'm pretty good with Cadsoft eagle and I've made a few prototypes. I'm just lost when it comes to the marketing side of it. I've noticed that technobots sell circuit boards made by one of their customers so do these circuit boards have to be safety tested before being put on the market? I'm only designing a 12 volt DC circuit board.
    Thanks for any info you could give me

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    Do you have a working prototype PCB?

    Generally, UL Listings, etc, aren't required for products powered by an adapter providing the low voltage that the circuit runs on.

    The areas you look for prior to mass production in that case involve reducing cost. Cost is reduced by reducing size, while maintaining wide enough traces to carry the current, and being aware of thermal management (if it is a power circuit). Typically, the smallest SMD components your assembly house can work with are used.

    This is an area where spending the extra money to have the assembly house go over your board and make suggestions would be wise choice as far as costs.