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    Nov 7, 2011
    I am an amateur and for my first project I am compiling a few amplifier circuits and a transmitter circuit from a book called "Funway into Electronics". I have kept the components in the same order but I moved them around to decrease the space required. There are three 9V batteries however I want to know if I need to keep the supply where it says on the diagrams or if I can just connect the batteries at one point and it will still work. The only other thought I have just had would be to stack the circuits.

    I have included a screenshot of the current design. Not sure if the LED's will have a major effect on the circuit. I couldn't find a symbol for a ferrite rod so I used the crystals separately to show the coils around the rod.

    I am interested in getting better at electronics and might study it at university as a subject as part of a Bachelor of Science. Please advise.:)