circuit generating RF waves..urgenttttt

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hi everyone..
i am stuck in a project that requires a circuit that can generate RF waves that can be sensed by a satellite...can aneone help..plz :(


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That is hard to respond to without more information. Do you want just a noise source, or some means of sending coherent data to a satellite? Digital or analog? What range of RF frequencies are you interested in? Possible technologies vary with the frequency.


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whatever data you may generate use klystrone tube to generate uwave. And if you're keen to generate it with electronic device use pin diode using proper housing facility.


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This site has some helpful information about satellite uplinks:

Klystrons are ancient technology. TWT's (Travelling Wave Tubes) provide much cleaner signals, and are much easier to tune. But both are going to be out of reach of the casual experimenter simply due to the costs involved, not to mention the hazards involved in high-power C or Ku band transmissions.

Just as a general concept, this site should also be helpful:
HughesNet used to be DirecPC, a subsidiary of Hughes Space & Communications. With the advent of newer, high-powered satellites, ground-based uplink/downlink stations can function using much lower power levels than ever before.

You may remember Iridium Cellular - global cellular communications via a constellation of 63 satellites. Expensive, yet remarkable - the handheld sat cell phones were around $4,000 US each.


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Casual experimenters are unlikely to have an urgent reason for building a satelite uplink. Amateur radio operators routinely use satelites in LEO to communicate with each other. Perhaps the OP could give us more insight into his application.