circuit for a "wiggly wire" game! HELP!!

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hey guys and girls i am making a circuit for a wiggly wire game which im sure u all know, it is a game with a wire frame and a metal ring which u move from one end to the other. if the ring and frame touch at any time there is a beep/buzz sounded to alert the user.
as well as this concept the game must have a display showing a points countdown (perhaps from 100 to 0) the faster u do the game the more points u have achieved and when u hit the frame u in cur a penalty.
could any one please help me??


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Use a 1 Hz clock circuit to drive a presettable downcount counter which will start downcounting from 100. Also, use a relay to latch the output (buzzer) when you touch the ring. When someone touches the ring while playing the buzzer will sound and the counting will stop until you press the reset button to unlatch the relay. What is more, with the reset button you will set the counter to an initial value of 100 (with the appropriate pins one the chip).

You can use this counter here

This counter here can count up to 15 but you can cascade two of them to count up to 256.
Also, you will need a binary to seven segment display decoder (if are going to use a seven segment display) to drive the display.

The circuit of a latch relay is here