circuit drawing and simulation program for a beginner

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Some of the circuit drawing and simulation available are (though I have never used any!): LTspice, CircuitLogix, Multisim.

I am beginner to these circuit tasks and don't know much how to use such technical programs. So which program will you recommend me to use? I want it to have circuit symbols library, such as resistors, diodes, transistors, battery, AC source etc., which I can drag and drop in to build my circuit. After dropping in a circuit component I can assign it a value. Suppose after dropping in a resistor (I mean after getting it from circuit components library or toolbar into my 'virtual' circuit) I can assign it a value of any ohm, say 10 ohm. I hope you would see what kind of program I like to have. Many, many thanks for your advice. Much grateful.



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LTSpice is good and free. It's a bit quirky to learn at first.
Sign up for the Yahoo! LTSpice Users' Group; there are lots of additional models/symbols and help available.