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Hello everybody :)

this is my first post in this great forum & I'm very happy to find such forum

I have a problem and I wish that someone can help me !

when we write lab reports , our doctor ask us to show the circuit diagram in the report !!
but I don't have a program for circuits drawing , and when I search for such diagrams using google or any other search website , I couldn't find the required diagram .
Also , the report should be printed , so its not allowed to draw it by hand :D

so if anyone of you can help me in drawing the circuits , I'll be very thankful for him :)

I need two diagrams only for the following circuits :

1 ) circuit with 3-phase transformer in star connection ( Y-connection )
and three loads (Y-connected ) , Multimeter for measuring the current and voltage passing across each load resistors .

2 ) the same circuit as 1 , but the loads in the circuit are connected in delta connection (∆-connection) instead of star .

this is my problem
I hope that I describe it clearly
& I'm waiting for your help :rolleyes: