Circuit diagram for CRT

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I have two CRT monitor and want to reinstall them, can I get circuit diagram for the same also does all CRT monitor have same type of circuit board.

One LG = Dead
Other Wipro = having horizontal lines



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In many parts of the world, CRT monitors have been regarded as not very desirable since the advent of flat panel displays. Even fully functional displays have often been discarded. If this is so in your area, you may be able to obtain a working monitor very cheaply, perhaps for less cost than the spare parts that you may require to repair your faulty ones.

Repair of this type of equipment requires detailed knowledge, and trying to acquire this now may not be the best use of your efforts, unless you have a particular interest in obsolescent equipment. CRT displays may continue to be used for a time in less wealthy areas, but this cannot continue very long as supplies of spare parts (particularly CRTs) will dry up.