circuit diagram for 1000 W inverter wanted


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Have you even considered the work involved in making one?

I thought about making a 1800W inverter, but I gave up after 5 minutes - simply because it would be beyond my ability.

At the very least you need to think about:
- What topology to use:
--- Whether or not to go for a high voltage (~320V) h-bridge design, a split secondary design with half h-bridge (push/pull), or a low frequency step-up transformer.
--- If using a high voltage h-bridge or half h-bridge design, consider SMPS topology, HV isolation (optical/galvanic), efficiency, RFI/EMI...
- Input capacitors.
- Modified square wave, square wave or true sine?
- Cooling (90% efficiency? Getting rid of 100W is tricky.)
- Wiring/PCB layout
- Fuses on the input. (A 120A fuse is EXPENSIVE.)

A 1000W inverter is reasonably cheap too - weigh in your time.


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The decent 1000W and 1500W inverters I've had and/or fixed use a bank of MOSFETs each with their own transformer to supply the output current needed.

For 1000W, you will be looking at a 200 Amp draw from a 12-14V source after losses. 200 Amps means very large cabling and wide/thick PCB Traces.

It would be much easier to purchase one than attempt to build one using a single step up transformer, especially when working with over 100 Watt output. Even when building a 150W or so output, the amount of money spent on parts and enclosure is more than purchasing a small one costs ($25).

Keep that in mind before buying parts.