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pls guys,can anyone help me out?i am working on a microcontroller based automatic generator starter and changeover control system,i need a simple circuit diagram.


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In essence, you are asking for someone here to hand you a complete project, and one at the most elementary level. That is not the service we provide, which is to give advice and help you correct/troubleshoot your design.

We would be much more likely to jump in on this if you come with a concept and some hardware selections. How is the uC to determine if it's necessary to start the generator? What means will there be to keep the uC running in the event of power failure? Does the generator start with a electric starter motor, or must you design a device to pull the starter rope? How will the uC determine that the generator is running?

You need to be able to answer all the above questions, and to have selected hardware capable of performing the actions. Then you figure out how to get signals from the outside world to and from the uC to control the hardware. Then you write the code to make the uC do the controlling.