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hello there , i need a name for a circuit design program like eagle but can design big circuit , eagle design circuit 10*20 and i need it to be more so would anyone know how to make my eagle program design big circuit or a name of a good program that design big circuit ?


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EAGLPCB is limited in the size only on the free version. For about $50 US you can buy the version of EAGLEPCB that will open the size significantly and provide multiple schematic sheet capture.



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Now you are close to get your thread closed. Copyright and so on, you know. Let me help and rephrase your question. Is it any free/open alternatives that let me design larger circuits board that the free version of Eagle permit.
Another loophole is to get a trail version of a commercial system. And then get all you can out of the trail period. I think Altium Designer offer a free 30 days trail period for the full system.