Circuit Design Problem: current drive voice coil for shaker table

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Hi all:

I have a problem need to be solved urgently. If you could help. I will be very appreciated. Thanks.

The problem is Design a driver and control system to drive a voice coil for a shaker table and control the amplitude of vibration.
    1. Driving a voice 25 mH / 4 Ohm Voice Coil up to 5 Amps RMS at 40 - 80 Hz
    2. The amplitude of vibration of the table will be 50 G’s peak
    3. The frequency of vibration must be controlled within ±0.01 Hz
    4. The amplitude must be controlled within ± 2 G’s Peak.
    5. A primary human interface must be provided for setting the acceleration and frequency.
    6. Also, the controller should have supervisory I/O capability to interface with a PC.
    7. Determine a method, or methods, for providing feedback control and incorporate into your design.
    8. The shaker table may have a payload which puts transient loads on the system and drifts in volume or viscosity over time.
Include a “first order” model to demonstrate functionality and utility of the design.

After I made assumption and done all the calculation, this problem can be simplified as an AC power conversion design. I need to design a simple "first order" circuit. The input is AC 120V 60Hz. The output need to be variable voltage variable frequency, which means by changeing the values of the parts (eg. resistors) in this circuit, the output AC should be varied between 48.13~92.33V(voltage) 39.99~80.01 Hz (frequency). I am not a Electrical Engineer. Could you please give me the detailed schematic design and parts value calculation. Or you can show me some relative link where I can study by myself.



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First let me ask what is the purpose of this device, for cancer therepy or ?
Is the attack on to the voice coil to be a sine, square, triangle, saw,?
If complete parameters are laid out perhaps, some info could be directed your way.