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    A Universal Serial Bus (USB) communication link requires acircuit that produces the sequence 00000001. You are to design asynchronous sequential circuit that starts producing this sequencefor input E=1. Once the sequence starts, it completes.If E=1, during the last output in the sequence, the sequencerepeats. Otherwise, if E=0, the output remains constan at1.
    a. Draw the Moore state diagram for thecircuit.
    b. Find the state table and make a state assignment.

    If someone could help me with part A, I am sure that I would be good from there. I have tried drawing the moore diagram out with nine states (one for the first input and then 8 for the sequence) but am stuck while trying to derive the equations needed for implementation.

    I am really stuck. I'd appreciate as much help as you can give but please post even if you only have time to point me in the right direction. Thanks!!
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    Try to post the state diagram. If you manage that I guarantee that everything else will be easy for the mind (I don't promise anything for your hand though).

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