Circuit concept review/suggestions

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Hi all, I'm new to this forum and am really pleased to see how active and helpful folks are in the various discussions. A bit about what I do might set the stage for asking for suggestions and advice. I build custom clocks of all sorts - my website is
I've been asked to come up with a concept that relates to an up and coming design focus referred to as "steampunk". There is a growing interest and focus on this style of design that actually covers furniture, accessories, fashion and interior design. Here is a website that this group might find interesting to peruse: http://
What I'm prototyping for this exercise is a desk style cuckoo clock that would look at home in Captain Nemo's stateroom on the Nautilus. I've lashed together some different circuits to create pulsing indicator lights (LED), controlled by a light sensor circuit, including an operational microamp meter to indicate actual circuit activity etc. This is rapidly becoming a kluge..
So I would like to have a review of a block diagram of what I'm trying to do, and see if I can get an integrated approach to some of the simple circuits that I've managed to lash together for this project. Key issues are selection of a pulsing LED circuit, controlled by a light sensor, integrated microamp meter, connection to the quartz cuckoo movement and all driven by batteries to last a year.
Please advise if this is of interest to the group in general.