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    Question 3
    Find I1, if R4=2Ω and R2=R3=8Ω

    Question 4
    Find the node voltages VA,VB, and VC; Remember the use of a ground is the poitn of reference for all node voltages. Hint the 10V source and adjacent nodes A and V form a common "supernode", write a governing equation for the supernode.
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    Question 3:
    A 9 ohm, an 18 ohm, and a 6 ohm (2+8||8) are all in parallel with the 3 ohm through which I1 flows. After further analysis, you should realize that the 3 ohm (through which I1 flows) is in parallel to this combination of the other three resistors, which yield 9||18||6 = 3. Therefore, I1 = Is/2.

    Question 4:
    Try nodal analysis? Don't forget about the supernode!!!
    Hint: VB = -12 V.